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The Big Outside Spring Project.

This is the time of year I will be embarking on my outside yard project, weeding and gardening.  I will also be thinking of ways to keep the weeds from growing back without the mulch as I have dogs that love to eat the wood.  There is a ton of thistle and a little bit of poison ivy.  The yard is also full of nature.

Last year I spent most of the summer pulling weeds and never getting ahead on the acre and a half of landscape.  This year my intent is to keep it down to a minimum and move some of the perennials around to fill in the bare spots.  So on a weirdly warm day in February I trudged up to the garden to preen and start the transplanting process of some of my larger gardens. The roses haven’t really come back well but the hostas survived which is exactly backwards of what I thought was going to happen.    Still need to move the grapes but it will get there.    Always looking for a good solution to keep the weeds and maintenance down so open for suggestions.  If you want to get help with these lawn and landscape projects come on out to The Home Shows in Kane County, St Charles, Lisle, and Darien events.

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