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Looking for ways to increase the value of your home?

If you are wondering where to start on your home improvement projects let us help. With events in St Charles, Darien, and Lisle Naperville.  We have help close to home.

First of all you need to have an understanding on how long you anticipate being in your home.  If you are looking to increase the value while making your home a bit more updated there are some simple tips to follow.

You want to create space.  If you can knock out that kitchen island that proved to be nothing but a blockade to begin with or remove a structural wall that will give you a bit more breathing room.   Buyers want an open floor plan that connects your family area with your kitchen.  Sure you can always use a bit more storage with adding that cabinet for the island but with a bit of de-cluttering you may find you have ample cabinet space as it is.  Consider a movable island.  It would be there when you need it and pushed out of the way when you don’t.

If you have a yard that looks more like a jungle then it’s time to start pruning those trees that you’ve forgotten about.  I’m sure you are tired of getting hit with branches while you try to mow anyway.    Sometimes the landscaping is the most important thing to do when keeping up the curb appeal of your home.  If you can’t see the house for the trees then there is no curb appeal.

Take care of the basics.  Do you have enough insulation?  What about leaks and worn out gutters?  Don’t forget to get your furnace and windows checked and either repaired or replaced.  Then spend a day weeding those flower beds.  These are all inexpensive fixes that will save you money and add to the value of your home.

If the landscaping is important as a first impression so is the front door.  Don’t underestimate it.  People make up their minds about what your home is like the first few seconds through the door. I know it’s sounding like a whole lot of work but you can break it up into pieces now on to the backside of the house.  Did you know that you will recoup dollar for dollar what you put into your decks.  If you do it right and with the right material you will have something that takes little time to maintain and will hold it’s value.

Sometimes you may need to replace a floor that is dated or just plain worn out.  If you have old wood floors look to having the sand-less refinishing done.  It is neater and quicker to do than some sanding projects and looks great!

If your bathroom is looking a bit worse for wear some easy fixes can help.  Tub and shower liners are a nice one day project that helps to clean things up and looks fresh.  Replace the frosted glass for a nice clear glass door.  These are easy to clean.  Get a window squeegee and make a quick wipe through after showers.  Change out the discolored caulk, update your cabinet pulls and change out that faucet that looks a little rough.  You also might want to consider a low flush toilet and save some money on your water bill.

We have all gone through the phases in our lives when dark walls were a lot of fun.  As those walls age and chips go unmaintained it’s not so nice anymore.  Choose some neutral colors.  Grays if you have white trims and maybe a nice oatmeal if you have the oak woods.  Don’t let your own personal taste get in the way.  If you are planning on downsizing eventually or just want to be ready for that transfer make your home something every buyer can look at and see their own ideas come to life.

If you need help with your ideas and projects come on out to the Chicago Home Shows.  We have several in your area where you can talk about your plans and get ideas on how to get started. Since many contractors do many different projects ask them.  If they don’t do it they will usually have a good idea who can.


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