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Counters – What are my choices?


Granite is one of the most used counter surfaces for new homes and remodeling but this is just one of the many choices available.  You can choose from Granite, Marble, Quartz and Laminate are just some of the choices.


If you want more of a uniform look then Quartz is for you.  This seems to be gaining ground though as people are looking for a more modern and sleek look.  This is made mostly of quartz that is ground up with small amounts of resin to make a strong and less porous counter

This option could end up being more expensive than a natural counter as well as it will not be as heat resistant.  Other than that, though this is an easy surface to maintain and is a healthier option with the less porous surface and allergy free surface.


Marble has a classic appeal.  Clean and inviting timeless elegance. This is a natural material that will show a uniqueness of mineral deposits and speckles and in some cases, is more affordable than granite.

Compared to granite, marble can be more prone to scratching and staining as it is softer and more porous You will need to clean up spills quickly and seal the surface every two years.

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